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       Problem with Memory,  

Concentration and Stress?


Dominic O'Brien

Eight Times World Memory Champion


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"You Can Have An Amazing Memory"



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Quantum Memory Power

Dominic's work is based on the simple message: train your memory and increase your brain power, train your working memory and increase your fluid intelligence, stay mentally fit no matter what your age.

Multiple world record holder and author of best selling books, Dominic O'Brien is in the Guinness Book of Records for memorising the order of 54 shuffled packs of playing cards having viewed them just once.

How does he do it? How can you harness the true potential of your own memory to memorise staggering amounts of data?

 Quantum Memory Power

In this program you'll learn a system Dominic O'Brien developed that enabled him to win Eight World Memory Championships titles.  You'll learn to remember names, faces, numbers, birthdays, dates, appointments, or any sequence of numbers you want. Once you have unleashed your memory power there will be no limits to the type or quantity of information you wish to store....                                             

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By combining uniquely developed training techniques with state of the art technology,

you can learn the most efficient and effective ways to...



 Develop A Powerful Memory
 Control your Brainwaves for Peak Mental Function
 Increase powers of Concentration and Visualisation
 Boost your Learning and Study Skills
 Eliminate unwanted Stress
Develop enhanced Creative Thinking Skills
Minimise the impact of dyslexia, ADD
 Become highly productive in all areas of your life.





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