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This course is designed either for those in a work or study environment who want to get the maximum performance from their brain. It is the most advanced of its type and and results show radical advances in mental performance to those who implement it.

During this training program, you will be using the very latest techniques and application of technology which has been developed by PPT. The main emphasis is on learning to control your mental state for peak performance. Listed below are some of the specific applications you will master.

Could you do with a memory overhaul?
Learn how to improve your memory skills using the techniques developed by Dominic O'Brien, who has won the World Memory Championships 8 times. You will learn to - Remember numbers - Memorise Dates - Put names to faces - Never forget anything again! You will be taught how your memory works and to use it to maximum efficiency by controlling your brainwaves.

Information Processing:
Ever get that sinking feeling? We are living in an age of information overload. It is also an age where information is power. Everyday we are bombarded with information, through emails, the Internet, newspapers and other media. You will learn the most efficient ways to process information and learn to work with your brain, not against it. The speed at which you will be able to take in, process and recall information will be greatly enhanced. Ideal for the busy executive or those undertaking study.

Stress Management:
Stop the world, I want to get off!
High stress levels are detrimental to mental performance and physical health. It is said that we have higher levels of stress than ever before. Recent research has shown that 27% of sick days taken from work are due to stress related illnesses. By using the most sophisticated technology available, you will learn how to recognise and control stress ensuring you are always performing at your best.

Note Taking:
Do you know the most efficient way to take notes? We'll show you how. It is important to take notes in a way that is both flexible and memorable. There are particular keys to note-taking that work with the brain and makes the whole process far more effective.

Revision Technique:
Testing times. Exams are something that we all have to face at some point. Whether you are a student or studying for professional exams, this module will be a huge benefit to you. Did you know that there are particular times when you should revise? Did you know that the revision process should start just minutes after you first learn something? This module will show you not only how to maximise you chances of achieving the highest possible grade, but also show you how to do it in the minimum amount of time - appealing to the typical student!

    Two day courses one-2-one working directly with Dominic O'Brien are available                   Price Range £3k-£5k