Golf’s all in the head, BARD ALLISON on GOLF and Neurofeedback

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Comments from a conversation with Mike Cohen, July 11, 1997  

"Tell Marty you've got a startling success story as far as my scores go."  

Bard Allison plays a lot of golf. He was the manager of the big Lockheed plant on Cobb Parkway in Atlanta for many years, and has since retired. He plays a lot of golf with the Atlanta Seniors, and is serious about his golf.  

"Prior to going through your Neurofeedback program, I was stuck for 2 years shooting around 98-100. Last week, I scored an 88 at the Atlanta Country Club. That's a record for me. It was amazing."  

"I'm now averaging 92-95 for most rounds. The other day, I went to the Standard Club for the first time in quite a while and shot a 93. That's was with 3 or 4 7's, hitting out of sand traps in the fairway, and taking penalty strokes. I was playing some good golf."  

"Since going through your program, I can say that for a couple of rounds recently, I was in 'The Golf Zone." I have never been there before. It's something new."  

"It's hard to say that the 6 week (Neurofeedback) program I went through is the absolute factor for my improvement. I have gotten a new putter. And I've been working on my short game. But I know those things don't really account for a 10 stroke drop."  

"It's as if I've convinced myself I really can play golf I'm not afraid of the course. I'm more calm, and much more confident. I choose a club, make a decision, and play the hole like I've planned it. And generally it is working. I made 5 pars back to back at Atlanta Country Club. That is unheard of for me.”  

"Even in South Carolina where I just came back from vacation, I've never been able to do less than 100'sometirnes 99 on those beach courses. This year, I shot a 93 and a 92."  

"Thank you guys. It is great fun to play golf like this."  

(On August 8th, Bard came by and reported a new record ' he had just shot an 8 5. He said, "My game just continues to improve. I'm burning it up.")